I like a good party.
I am a voracious collector of eclectic tunes…
an observer of spirited dance moves…
a fanatic for the finest groove.
All kinds, really.
ALL kinds.
I grew up in a house where the turntable
was turning way more than the TV was on, and a trip to
Peaches Record Store
was the finest reward there was.
when I moved to Rome, Italy, having put the brakes on a life as a comedian in Los Angeles, I found myself unable to communicate with the locals… UNLESS I was choosing the music.
After spending several dinner parties
near someone else’s stereo, I booked a job co-DJing a party in
Lucca, and played music until the police showed and the sun came up.
I was still dancing at dawn.
Part performance,
Mostly MUSIC,
high HEELS welcome.
For me, it was the perfect storm.
Back in Rome, I bluffed my way into
a gig in a little disco on a busy piazza and
played there every glorious weekend for three years.
There is such an element of sociology involved with my work.
You can actually read happiness on a dance floor by
watching how people move. 
I have been fortunate to DJ
literally hundreds of jobs.
Every kind of event you can imagine and
the goal is still the same:
to lead people to let loose and get happy.